Selection of Students - Athletics for Competitions

Elgin School District #23 welcomes all students – athletes to participate in school activities – sports.  The number of participants in activities – athletics is regulated in some athletic events.  The number of athletes that are allowed to participate in a varsity, district or state competition are as follows:

  • Football – 33
  • Volleyball – 12
  • Basketball – 12
  • Baseball – 18
  • Softball – 18

Track and Cross Country have open enrollment. The state track meet regulates the number to three participants per event.

Transportation – Large bus capacity 56 – limits number of participants on out of town events.

Using the numbers allowed to participate in district or state competition the varsity team would consist of the numbers previously listed.  The coaches at Elgin School District choose the team members for a varsity team according to the following attributes, which are listed in order of importance:

  1. Skill or aptitude for sport
  2. Work ethics
  3. Accountability
  4. A balance of players for each position

An athlete that has participated as a Freshman, Sophomore and/or Junior is not guaranteed a position as a Senior.